Our services


(By appointment, please call 210-479-6100 or text 210-365-2920 during business hours to schedule) 

  • Fitting the Bust, Waist, Hips, Seat and Thighs 
  • Taken In or Out Bodice
  • Shortening Hem, from Simple to Very Complex
  • Bustles
  • Zipper Converted to Lace-up Corset Back
  • Personalization - Monograms/Wedding Date/Other Momentos Created and Sewn In
  • Neckline Reshaping/Re-styling
  • Pregnancy Accommodation
  • Straps or Sleeves: Added/Modified/Detachable
  • Customized keyhole/cap-sleeves 
  • Belts & Bows Created, Added/Modified
  • Beading and Laces Work
  • Bra Cups Inserted
  • Bust Coverage Increased/Modesty Panel Added
  • Inner Structure Added to Hold Gown in Place
  • Buttons Added or Replaced
  • Vintage/Heirloom Gown Restyles, Re-purpose to rehearsal gown/reception gown
  • Custom Gowns
  • Steam/Pressing
  • Style Suggestions
  • Petticoat/Slips/Crinolines 
  • Careful Handling in a Fully Insured, Smoke and Pet Free Studio

Note that some of these services may not be feasible on every gown.  

CUSTOM-MADE ACCESSORIES to match with your bridal gown

  • Veil
  • Garter
  • Hair piece/ birdcage
  • Bolero/jacket
  • Rhinstone sash/belt


  • Garment bag
  • Rhinestone sash/belt
  • Jelwery/accessories


  • Preservation of gowns is discounted with dress alterations.
  • Professional/Certified with 100 years warranty.
  • Double boxes with clear window for display/storage.

Fitting Appointment

  • Brides plan for 30 minutes to 1 hour-long appointments.
  • Bridesmaids/Mothers/Prom/Men tailoring/Others plan for 15 minutes to 30 minute appointments.
  • Bring the exact shoes you’ll wear for the ceremony and reception.
    • Please wear a thong/underwear.
    • Consult with us before you buy a corset bra!
  • Maintain a stable weight - if your body size changes, it may require billable re-work.  Unlike our daily clothing, most formal gowns don't stretch at all!  Your gown's fit may be impacted by weight gain/loss, hormonal cycle, water retention, change in medications, cleanses, working out, weather, surgery, etc.
  • Bring 0-2 guests only, as the studio space is limited and gowns/trains are big.  Try not to bring kids, as they'll be bored, distract us and caused longer appointment.
  • Avoid fainting – by eating/hydrating ahead of time, and keeping your knees flexed during fittings.
  • Be clean and free of tanning oils/spray/lotion that could stain your gown.
  • No food, beverages or loudly phone calls in the studio to avoid disruption to others & on-going appointments. 

Bridal Fitting Timeline When to Start?

  • Brides – First fitting ideally 6-8 weeks before event date; 3 - 6 months prior for a restyle  of vintage/heirloom gown.
  • All Others – First fitting ideally 1-2 weeks or more before event;  make it larger, or if pregnant.
  • Book Early - During bridal season, approx. February to October, our calendar may be booked up to 1-2 months in advance.  As soon as you book your 1st fitting with us, you are ensured a spot in our work plan.
  • Pickup Policy:  Gowns must be picked up at time of final payment. If storage is necessary we will charge $10 per week. 


  • Is based on all time spent on fittings, sewing and other work on your gown.  Most bridal gowns require 4-16 hours of work, some run higher.
  • We provide a detailed estimated price range for all work we agree to do on your gown, including a best and worst case range for you.
  • We provide craftsmanship works, taking apart your gown and customizing it to your body.  This may include removing lace, beads, boning, etc., and 2 to 6+ separate layers of fabric.  It’s typically not simple, even on what appears to be a simple dress. 
  • What you paid for your gown has no bearing on your alterations price.  That price is based on time worked, and a multi-layer hem may take the same amount of time to do on a $65 flower girl dress, $300 prom dress, or $3,000 bridal gown (really!).
  • Sometimes your curves or proportions just won't match the ones manufactured into the dress, or the structure/design of a dress complicates where or how it can be modified.  This can result in higher alterations and/or less perfect results than hoped for.
  • Budget on the high side if you have a lot of fitting issues; a complex hem; lace/beads/sequins/rhinestones in areas to be altered; a desire to make big style changes; or are very particular.  
  • Bridal gown alteration - normally starts at $200, and usually run $400-800+, but can exceed $1,000 with major fit issues, restyling, redesign and/or re-sizing.
  • Bridesmaids gowns alteration - usually run $40-$150+, but can be higher for very full skirts, multiple fabric layers, fit issues, or enlarging size for pregnancy/other.
  • Mothers of the Brides/Grooms alteration - usually run $40-350+, as dresses and fitting issues may be more complex.
  • Prom/Quinceanera/Other alteration - usually run $40-400+, depending on the  gown, amount of beading or rhinestones, etc., and ease of alterations.

For more detail than above, we offer two options:

  • Text pictures of you in the dress, we'll will give you a rough estimate.  Cell: (210) 365-2920
  • In Person: we offer a $50 for 1 hour pin session to give a price for services wanted on your gown (If you agree to services performed by us, then you won't be charged for this amount)
  • All billing is based on actual time spent on your gown and fittings.

Payments & Deposit

  • We accept cash and all major Credit Cards
  • An initial deposit is due at the first fitting for all brides, deposit is half of or at least 1/3 of total balance due.
  • Full payment is required by the last fitting and in order to pickup any gown from the studio.

We're here to help!

To help us understand your vision of s dream wedding gown, do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. Email, phone calls, texting, Facebook, or Instagram. Best to attach some photos of your gowns for us to give you a detailed alteration description and pricing. 

Other services



(By appointment/Walk-in, please call ahead)

  • Men: Tuxedo, Suits, Slacks, Shirts & all casual tailoring.
  • Re-hem, re-fit & alter Bridesmaid dresses, formal gowns, evening gowns, prom dresses, quinceanera dresses, etc.