Our Services



(By appointment only, please call (210)-479-6100 during business hours to schedule)


  • Fitting the Bust, Waist, Hips, Seat and Thighs 
  • Taken In or Out Bodice
  • Shortening Hem, from Simple to Very Complex
  • Bustles
  • Zipper Converted to Lace-up Corset Back
  • Personalization - Monograms/Wedding Date/Other Momentos Created and Sewn In
  • Neckline Reshaping/Re-styling
  • Pregnancy Accommodation
  • Straps or Sleeves: Added/Modified/Detachable
  • Customized keyhole/cap-sleeves 
  • Belts & Bows Created, Added/Modified
  • Beading and Laces Work
  • Bra Cups Inserted
  • Bust Coverage Increased/Modesty Panel Added
  • Inner Structure Added to Hold Gown in Place
  • Buttons Added or Replaced
  • Vintage/Heirloom Gown Restyles, Re-purpose to rehearsal gown/reception gown
  • Custom Gowns
  • Steam/Pressing
  • Style Suggestions
  • Petticoat/Slips/Crinolines 
  • Careful Handling in a Fully Insured, Smoke and Pet Free Studio

Note that some of these services may not be feasible on every gown.  


to match with your bridal gown

  • Veil
  • Garter
  • Hair piece/ birdcage
  • Bolero/jacket
  • Rhinstone sash/belt


  • Garment bag
  • Rhinestone sash/belt
  • Jelwery/accessories


  • Preservation of gowns is discounted with dress alterations.
  • Professional/Certified with 100 years warranty.
  • Double boxes with clear window for display/storage.
  • Get discounted price with alteration service by us!


  (By appointment/Walk-in, please call ahead)

  • Men: Tuxedo, Suits, Slacks, Shirts & all casual tailoring.
  • Re-hem, re-fit & alter Bridesmaid dresses, formal gowns, evening gowns, prom dresses, quinceanera dresses, etc.

Fitting Appointment

  • Brides plan for 30 minutes to 1 hour-long appointments.
  • Bridesmaids/Mothers/Prom/Men tailoring/Others plan for 15 minutes to 30 minute appointments.
  • Bring the exact shoes you’ll wear for the ceremony and reception.
    • Please wear a thong/underwear.
    • Consult with us before you buy a corset bra!
  • Maintain a stable weight - if your body size changes, it may require billable re-work.  Unlike our daily clothing, most formal gowns don't stretch at all!  Your gown's fit may be impacted by weight gain/loss, hormonal cycle, water retention, change in medications, cleanses, working out, weather, surgery, etc.
  • Bring 0-2 guests only, as the studio space is limited and gowns/trains are big.  Try not to bring kids, as they'll be bored, distract us and caused longer appointment.
  • Avoid fainting – by eating/hydrating ahead of time, and keeping your knees flexed during fittings.
  • Be clean and free of tanning oils/spray/lotion that could stain your gown.
  • No food, beverages or loudly phone calls in the studio to avoid disruption to others & on-going appointments. 

Bridal Fitting Timeline

 When to Start?

  • Brides – First fitting ideally 6-8 weeks before event date; 3 - 6 months prior for a restyle  of vintage/heirloom gown.
  • All Others – First fitting ideally 1-2 weeks or more before event;  make it larger, or if pregnant.
  • Book Early - During bridal season, approx. February to October, our calendar may be booked up to 1-2 months in advance.  As soon as you book your 1st fitting with us, you are ensured a spot in our work plan.
  • Pickup Policy:  Gowns must be picked up at time of final payment. If storage is necessary we will charge $10 per week. 


  • Is based on all time spent on fittings, sewing and other work on your gown.  Most bridal gowns require 4-16 hours of work, some run higher.
  • We provide a detailed estimated price range for all work we agree to do on your gown, including a best and worst case range for you.
  • We provide craftsmanship works, taking apart your gown and customizing it to your body.  This may include removing lace, beads, boning, etc., and 2 to 6+ separate layers of fabric.  It’s typically not simple, even on what appears to be a simple dress. 
  • What you paid for your gown has no bearing on your alterations price.  That price is based on time worked, and a multi-layer hem may take the same amount of time to do on a $65 flower girl dress, $300 prom dress, or $3,000 bridal gown (really!).
  • Sometimes your curves or proportions just won't match the ones manufactured into the dress, or the structure/design of a dress complicates where or how it can be modified.  This can result in higher alterations and/or less perfect results than hoped for.
  • Budget on the high side if you have a lot of fitting issues; a complex hem; lace/beads/sequins/rhinestones in areas to be altered; a desire to make big style changes; or are very particular.  
  • Bridal gown alteration - normally starts at $200, and usually run $400-800+, but can exceed $1,000 with major fit issues, restyling, redesign and/or re-sizing.
  • Bridesmaids gowns alteration - usually run $40-$150+, but can be higher for very full skirts, multiple fabric layers, fit issues, or enlarging size for pregnancy/other.
  • Mothers of the Brides/Grooms alteration - usually run $40-350+, as dresses and fitting issues may be more complex.
  • Prom/Quinceanera/Other alteration - usually run $40-400+, depending on the  gown, amount of beading or rhinestones, etc., and ease of alterations.

 For more detail than above, we offer two options:

  • Text pictures of you in the dress, we'll will give you a rough estimate.  Cell: (210) 365-2920
  • In Person: we offer a $50 for 1 hour pin session to give a price for services wanted on your gown (If you agree to services performed by us, then you won't be charged for this amount)
  • All billing is based on actual time spent on your gown and fittings.

Payments & Deposit

  • We accept cash and all major Credit Cards
  • An initial deposit is due at the first fitting for all brides, deposit is half of or at least 1/3 of total balance due.
  • Full payment is required by the last fitting and in order to pickup any gown from the studio.